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Terms of Sales

The following policy applies to all Public Gold product sales.

In regard to purchasing bullion or precious metals products from Public Gold, the sale price offered to you is locked and the transaction cannot be canceled once a confirmation number has been issued. The only option is to offset at the Current Buying Price. You are responsible for paying any deficit between the price at which Public Gold sold to you and the offset price.

User Detail & Information
All information given must be true, accurate and complete. Public Gold reserves the right to nullify the order if customer's detail is untrue, inaccurate and incomplete.

Confirmation of Price
When placing an order with us, your final price is locked in and your order cannot be cancelled once we have issued a confirmation number. Payment must be made within 1½hour and received by us within 3 business days for purchases.

Payment Options
We accept Cash, Deposit in Bank, Internet Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, & Personal Cheque as acceptable means of payment for online orders.

We require a holding period of 7 business days for all cheques. The 7 days holding period begins on the first banking day after we receive your payment. If funds fail to clear in that period of time, we reserve the right to hold order until funds have become available.

Cancellation of Orders
All prices are locked once we have issued a confirmation number. If you choose to cancel, you must do so during regular business hours, Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm. All cancellations are subject to a certain penalty fee which is based on the deficit between the price at which Public Gold sold to you and the offset price. Any market gain which occurs as a result of cancellations belongs to Public Gold. We also reserve the right to cancel any orders when the confirmed price is incorrect for any reason. In addition, we may cancel your order at any time if we do not receive your payments in the time frame outlined above.

Risk Disclosure
You are considering dealing with us in 0, "", "." (Public Gold) Trading in bullion involves the potential for profit as well as the risk of loss. Movement in the price of bullion rates are influenced by a variety of factors of global origin many of which are unpredictable. Violent movement in the price of bullion rates may result in action by the market as a result of which you may be incurring extra loss. However, please note that this disclosure cannot and does not explain all the risks. Some of the risks associated with using our bullion trading facilities include:-

1. Customer should read through all the related sales literature, prospectuses or other offering documents, when available before making purchase.

2. Customer should carefully consider all precious metals risks and/ or considerations contained in the documents.

3. There is no assurance that the acquisition of precious metals will achieve your objectives. Customer should understand that all precious metals have some degree of risk and that it is possible to lose money on any purchase of precious metals.

4. Customer should make certain that they understand the correlation between risk and return.